PA Constitution

1. NAME:

The name of the Association shall be Colaiste Pobail Bheanntrai Parents Association (“The Association”).



The Objectives of the Association shall be:

(i) to enhance the school experience for families by facilitating communication among parents, students, the School, the Board of Management, and the broader community.

(ii) The fostering of good relations between parents, teachers, students and the school authorities.



All parents or legal guardians of students attending the school shall be automatic members of the Association.



This Association may affiliate to appropriate National Associations or Organisations as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.



(i) The Annual General meeting shall be held during January of each year.

(ii) The Executive Committee shall call extraordinary General Meetings when the executive committee deems it desirable or when a written request to call an Extraordinary General Meeting is received by the Executive Committee, signed by at least 50 parents.

(iii) Public Notice shall be given seven days in advance of a General Meeting.

(iv) General Meetings shall be chaired by the Chairperson or in the absence of the Chairperson by the Vice Chairperson. Otherwise the Executive Committee shall elect one of its members to chair the meeting.

(v) A quorum for a General Meeting shall be 20 members.

(vi) The Executive Committee shall present a report of its activities during the preceding year, including a financial statement to the Annual General Meeting.



(a) An Executive Committee shall administer the affairs of the Association for the members of the Association. The Committee shall consist of at least eight members who shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Parents’ nominees to the School Board of Management shall be ex officio members of the committee.

(b) The committee shall appoint from among its elected members the officers of the Association: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.

(c) The committee shall have power to co-opt members to fill any vacancies which occur on the committee.

(d) The Executive Committee shall meet at least 3 times a year and on such other occasions as it is deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. The quorum for such meetings shall be 50% of the members of the Executive Committee.

(e) The Executive Committee may invite to General meetings or to committee meetings such persons as the Committee decides.

(f) Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the Secretary who shall present the minutes to the Committee for approval at a subsequent Committee meeting.

(g) The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees to assist it from time to time. Sub-Committees may consist of members or non-members of the Association and shall report to the Executive Committee.



The officers of the Association shall be the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Committee may also include such other officers, with such titles as determined by the Executive Committee. The duties of the officers of the Executive Committee shall be described as below:



  1. Preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Association
  2.  Coordinate the content of the agenda of each meeting
  3. Supervise the functions of other Officers and the Executive Committee
  4. Act as the spokesperson for the Association and maintain communications with School Management and Board of Management



  1. Coordinate with the Chairperson
  2. Report to the Executive Committee with respect to such duties assigned by the Executive Committee
  3. Assume any or all of the responsibilities of the Chairperson in the event the Chairperson is unable to do so



  1. Coordinate with the Chairperson
  2. Record minutes of each meeting of the Executive Committee and General Membership and keep current files. Send copies of the minutes of such meeting to members of the Executive Committee and/or Membership prior to the next meeting. Ensure that the minutes of prior meetings are approved by the Executive Committee
  3. Coordinate Action items arising from Association Meetings
  4. Notify Membership of all regular and special meetings of the Association
  5. Coordinate Association correspondence
  6. Create the Annual Report for presentation to members



  1. Approve all receipts and expenditures of funds by the Association
  2. Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions by the Association including all funds held by the Association
  3. Develop and publish an annual Finance Report for presentation to the membership
  4. Coordinate Fundraising activities for the Association’s activities



This Constitution may be amended from time to time at a General Meeting of the Association. Amendments to the constitution shall only be put to the General Meeting following the review and recommendation of the Executive Committee. A two-thirds majority of the members present shall be required to carry an amendment to the Constitution.



Parents will be asked to make a voluntary subscription to finance the activities of the Association. The amount of subscription and method of payment shall be decided from time to time by a General Meeting on the advice of the Executive Committee.

If necessary, the Association may undertake appropriate additional fundraising for association activities with the approval of the Executive Committee.



No member of the Association other than the Chairperson or member nominated either by the Chairperson or by the Executive Committee shall make any official or public statement or representation on behalf of the Association.



Liaison with School shall normally be maintained through correspondence by the Secretary, or by deputation nominated by the Chairperson or Executive Committee, with the Principal or the school and/or his nominees.

The Executive committee may, however, should it consider it desirable and appropriate, correspond, in writing, or seek a meeting with the Board of Management.



The Association in discharging its functions recognises that the examination and resolution of problems relating to individual pupils, teachers or parents will be for determination between the individual teacher, parent, pupil (and/or his parents)  and the School Authorities. 



Winding up of the Association shall only be valid if accepted at a General Meeting convened for this purpose. In the event of the winding up of the Association any assets on hand shall be presented to the Board of Management for school purposes.