Handy Hints for Parents

Handy Hints for Parents for the new School Year

  • Label all parts of uniform especially on the front of school jackets.
  • Label personal items – e.g. Set squares, rulers etc.
  • Have a few full coin bags at home – these are handy to have for unexpected requests, e.g. cake sales, bus trips etc.
  • Only give your child dinner money for one day – not for the week.
  • Plan for costs like: arts, crafts materials, folders, albums, scrapbooks, flash drives/usb sticks etc., stationery – paper, pens, markers etc.
  • Lunch costs (for canteen etc.), pocket money for school tours, sports’ trips etc.
  • Tell your children not to give their locker code to anyone.
  • Tell your children not to leave their bags lying about as this can be an invitation for pilfering.
  • Lost & found box (in canteen area) – check to see if anything you are missing – it might be there.
  • Check with the school to see if trips are arranged by school, not just by students themselves – e.g. Ploughing championship!
  • Encourage children to get involved in extra-curricular activities – this helps with social interaction particularly for those who are quieter.
  • If mobile ‘phones are being brought to school, download a tracker app so that the ‘phone can be traced if misplaced.
  • Check out parent association page on school website for more useful information, e.g. School bag weight guide, & guide to bullying.

Remember – talk to the school early with any concerns you have as dealing with issues earlier rather than later reduces the chances of escalation.

Also, if you ever want to find out about the work of the Parents’ Association (PA) get in touch with a member of the Committee (their names on website). Being involved with the PA will be of benefit to your child, the school generally and also for you as parents of children in the school.

Prepared by Parents’ Association, Summer, 2015.